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Surprisingly, Hawaii is underrated as one of the worlds better dive destinations.  True, there is no soft coral there, but the underwater topography, caused by the volcanic origin of the islands, is superb, with huge underwater arches I've not seen anywhere else, extensive caverns & roughly 30% of the wildlife are unique to the islands. 

You can get some great dives taking a boat out from Kauai to Niihau Island (a couple of hours of potentially very bumpy water), a shorter (~1 hour) boat ride from Maui to Lanai to the Cathedrals, short (20 minute) boat trips out to Molokini or any number of shore dives. The turtle population is booming, especially on Maui & you're virtually guaranteed to see a number of these majestic, graceful creatures. Just remember, they don't come with handles or saddles, so no grabbing or riding them unless you want to risk the $10,000 fine! Talking of money, Hawaii is one of the most expensive places to dive (I spent $130 on a 2 tank dive, $80 on a night shore dive).

Night diving is less popular in most places, possibly as everyone's too busy with Luaus & Hula shows, but I recommend you get a night dive in. It's definitely worth it & after all, how many Hula shows do you really want to sit through? Night dives are often shore dives, though a great night dive by boat from Kona on the Big Island, gets you close and intimate with Manta rays.

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