Bar Owners



We’re musicians, but it’s our job to help our venues make money.  Several years ago, Wolff pioneered a new way to bring guests in to see us.  We developed what are now long-term relationships with the leaders of the largest San Diego-based social groups totaling over 25,000 active fun-seeking members.

We publish each public event on at least 2 of these huge MeetUp groups whose members receive an email invitation and can sign up to attend events.  They also get periodic reminders.

Even if many don’t sign up, all members of that MeetUp receive an invitation to the event highlighting your facility.  That’s free PR targeted specifically at 25,000+ people who go out & have fun!

In 2016 this strategy brought in 30 - 150 people / event - verifiable on line at  Knowing (and setting limits to) these RSVP numbers up front allow the bars to plan staff for the evening.

Promotion that helps your Bottom Line